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Hazira Plant

Saturday, 27 November 2010 16:52

KRIBHCO has setup a Fertilizer Complex to manufacture Urea, Ammonia & Bio-fertilizers at Hazira in the State of Gujarat, on the bank of river Tapti, 15 Kms from Surat city on Surat – Hazira State Highway.

Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India laid the Foundation Stone on February 5, 1982.

Hazira Fertiliser Complex has 2 Streams of Ammonia Plant and 4 Streams of Urea Plant. Annual re-assessed capacity for Urea and Ammonia is 1.729 million MT and 1.003 million MT resepctively, the total Project cost was Rs. 890 crores as against the estimated cost of Rs. 957 crores. This shows a saving of Rs. 67 crores (approximately 7%) in Capital Cost of the Project.

The trial production commenced from November, 1985 and within a very short time of 3 months, the commercial production commenced from March 01, 1986. Since then, it has excelled in performance in all areas of its operations.

Biofertilizer plant of 100 MT per year capacity was commissioned at Hazira in August, 1995. KRIBHCO has also completed the installation of an expansion of the Bio-Fertiliser plant with an additional capacity of 150 MT and the same was commissioned in December, 1998.

Production at Hazira

1. Urea

Kribhco has prilled urea production facility amounting to 17.20 Lakh MT of Urea per annum. The Urea production process is based on technology supplied by Snamprogeti of Italy. The revamp of existing facility is under way and the production is expected to reach to 21.65 Lakh MT per annum post revamp of the plant.

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2. Ammonia

It is produced using Natural gas as the main feedstock. The other feeds required are Steam and Air. These feed materials undergo a series of reactions in the ammonia plant, before ammonia is produced in gaseous form.Ammonia is produced using steam reforming process. The technology is supplied by Kelloggs, USA. The installed capacity of ammonia plants is 10.02 Lakh MT per annum and expected to increase to 12.47 Lakh MT per annum post-revamp. Carbon Dioxide is the by- product of ammonia plant which is used for Urea production in Urea plant.

3. Liquid Argon Gas

Kribhco has also installed Liquid argon production unit at the site. The Plant is designed to process 7,000 Nm3/hr Feed Gas (containing 12 to 14% Argon) to produce liquid Argon with a purity of min. 99.9995 vol % minimum (5 ppm max. impurity) and a guaranteed recovery rate of 94% of the argon contained in the feed gas. This plant is based on a cryogenic Linde process consisting of equipments like cold box unit, compressors, heat exchangers, argon boil off condenser, argon recovery column, argon purification column, argon absorber, N2 reflux drum etc. including 2 nos. 100 m3 capacity liquid argon storage tanks along with tanker loading facility and cylinder filling station.

4. Bio-Fertilizers

Kribhco started production of Bio-fertilizers at its Hazira manufacturing site in 1996. The installed capacity of the plant is 250 MT per annum. Later on two more production units at Lanja (Maharastra) and Varanasi (U.P.), each having production capacity of 150 MT per annum were established.

All major five strains of bio-fertilizers i.e .Rhizobium, Azotobactor, PSM, Acetobactor and Azospirilum are produced by KRIBHCO.

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