Promotional Program

Promotional Program

A) Business Development Programmes:

Being a cooperative organization with objective a sustainable business growth, various product base business development programmes organized extensively in entire KRIBHCO marketing territory in 16 states of the country such as:

  1. Fertiliser Promotion Campaign (Neem Coated Urea, DAP, Liquid Bio-fertiliser, Compost & Zinc sulphate etc.)

  2. Neem Coated Urea: KRIBHCO has been one of the first few organizations to switch over to 100% NCU in the country. We prepared specific literature in regional languages to widen the awareness about NCU among farmers. Specific promotion campaigns were organized to popularize NCU. The effect of such campaigns is evident by creating clear preference of farmers for neem coated urea over plain urea in a short span of time. Neem coated urea has been demonstrated to improve Nitrogen Use efficiency and consequently increases crop yield. Coating with neem oil also prevents caking of urea and also reduces the chances of powder formation during transportation & handling. Repellent effect of neem oil also controls many insect-pests and wild animals in fields applied with neem coated urea reported. It is observed that use of Neem coated urea results in 5-10% increase in crop yields due to slow release of nitrogen making it available over a full growth period. This gives additional yield and return for farmers. We are supplying both neem coated prilled urea and neem coated granular urea with a uniform prill/ granule size.

    KRIBHCO DAP:It is a most demanded product by farmers for basal application in the field at the time of sowing. We are promoting DAP with our co-partner Ma’aden by organising various campaigns and programmes. KRIBHCO DAP is highly analysis with two most important nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorous present in best available form, free flowing & dust free material-easy to apply, water soluble & easily available to plant roots and compatible with seed cum fertiliser drills in a good quality packing size.

    Liquid Bio-fertilisers: KRIBHCO is promoting Bio-fertilisers since long, by value addition KRIBHCO switch over from solid base to liquid form of various strains of bio-fertilisers. LBF are capable of meeting huge demand of plant nutrients from native soils & air provided, these are handled safely and farmers are educated properly. LBF are cheaper source of plant nutrients, significant N-fixer / P, K & Zn solubilisers, have longer shelf-life & higher temperature tolerance, easy to use & eco-friendly. We are supplying various strains of liquid bio-fertilisers like : Azotobactor, Rhizobium, Azospirillum, Acetobactor ,PSB, KMB, ZSB, NPK-1, NPK-2 and NPK-3 in both 1000 ml. and 500ml. attractive bottle packing size. These may applied in field before sowing with soil treatment mixing in compost / seed treatment / seedlings treatment / sett treatment and in standing crop with irrigation water. Farmers preferably applying LBF in their field crops and benefited.

    KRIBHCO Compost: It is very useful organic manure made with city compost without any side-effects. It can be used in all types of crops namely cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, commercial crops etc. to improve soil health & physical properties of soil and may obtain desired quality produce. Farmers may safely use 15to 20 bags (50kg packing) of compost per acre depending upon the field requirement. Compost may also be added during earthing–up of some crops like vegetables, potatoes, sugarcane, maize etc. and mixed well with soil. Bio-fertilisers can also be mixed during compost application. We are regularly arranged its availability to farmers and they are using compost in their field with satisfactory results.

    Zinc-Sulphate: Intensive promotional campaigns are being carried out to educate the farmers about proper usage of Zinc Sulphate. Zinc is the first micro-nutrient whose deficiency was first noticed in Indian agriculture during sixties. This deficiency was called as Khaira disease in paddy. This deficiency may successfully cured by the foliar and soil application of zinc sulphate. Now zinc has become fourth most deficient nutrient after N,P & K in India and first micro-nutrient deficient in most soils of India. We are providing quality Zinc sulphate as Zinc sulphate mono-hydrate (33%) and Zinc sulphate heptahydrate(21%) to farmers and promoting continuously among them.

  3. Certified Seeds:

    Presently KRIBHCO produces quality certified seed of cereals, pulses and oil seed crops at its modern 18 Seed Processing Units(SPU) located in 8 states. The certified seeds are annually produced by progressive farmers under the tech. supervision of KRIBHCO officials & state seed certification agency according to prescribed seed production practices and passed through all required standard to ensure quality assurance and genetic purity. For quality maintain we have an advance seed testing laboratory with us. The seeds produced are being made available to the farmers through Krishak Bharati Sewa Kendra, Cooperative Societies, State cooperative marketing federations and KRIBHCO dealers in different states.

  4. Hybrid Seeds:

    KRIBHCO is marketed Hybrid seed of Bt cotton, Maize & Paddy and promoting as these are highly production potential. Farmers preferably using all the hybrid seeds provided by KRIBHCO. Farmers meeting, crop demonstration, crop shows and sales campaign drives for promoting the hybrid seeds are regularly organized in the field. Hybrid seeds have significantly increased farmers income.

  5. Cooperative Society Adoption:

    Village level cooperative societies are our focal sale point in remote rural areas. For strengthening cooperative structure, we adopt these cooperative societies by supporting face-lifting, providing office furniture, drinking water facility and farm equipments for farmers use. Also organized various sales promotion programmes at society level.

  6. KBSK Sales Promotion:

    The objective of better sales & services with a single window approach we providing all good quality agro-inputs at reasonable prices and free of cost services to farmers under a roof through Krishak Bharati Sewa Kendra. In the surrounding villages of KBSK we organised various sales promotion programme i.e. farmers meeting, soil testing campaign, field demonstration, field days and free distribution of technical farm literature among them by which we educate farmers with latest farming technology.

(B) Educational Programmes:

To educate our farmers with our product knowledge as well as improved farm technologies, we organized various programmes such as Farmers meeting- Leading farmers, field level local Govt. officials and Agri. scientist participated for discussing farm related issues, Field demonstration- to demonstrate product quality with regard to crop yield applying recommended package of practices , Field day- Local progressive farmers and Agri. scientist participated for discussion of package of practices of crops and other farm related issues, Soil sampling campaign- Local farmers are participated & educated regarding soil testing to promote balance use of fertilizers by providing soil health card, Group discussion- Distt. level authorities of cooperative and agriculture departments participated for discussion and review about availability of all products in the area, Dealers conference- Distt. level officials of Agri. Deptt. and local dealers/retailers participated for discussion regarding sales promotion & sales issues, Cooperative conference- Distt. and field level officials of cooperative department participated regarding discussion and training for cooperative societies officials through technical support: distribution of technical farm literature in regional languages, display of products flex chart, technical danglers & participation in exhibitions.

(C) Corporate Social Responsibility Programmes:

For serving to farming community for improving their livelihood under CSR activities we adopt village cluster for better and intensive approach many progarmmes organized such as : Income generation programme- providing sewing machine and various kits to beneficiaries in rural areas- to generate income for rural communities, Human health campaign- organized free health check-up camp for farming community, Animal health campaign- organized free animal health check-up camp , Drinking water facility- providing safe & pure drinking water facility –in rural areas, Rural sports programme- for promoting rural games in rural area- villages / schools , Sanitation campaign- for awareness regarding sanitation to promote swachh bharat abhiyan , Educational aid to rural schools- by providing school bags to school children and stationary/ black board/ carpets to schools, Storage cum community centre- for agro-inputs storage and organizing social function in rural areas.

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