Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid Seed has been playing an important role in Indian Agriculture for maximizing yield. KRIBHCO continues to have tie-up with a leading Hybrid Seed Company and successfully marketing through its own marketing network in KRIBHCO brand.

The role of hybrids enhancing productivity is now widely acknowledged. Hybrid technology fits well for a second green revolution in food grain production which is a must to meet the challenges of rapidly growing population. The efficiency of other agriculture input such as fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation is largely determined by quality of seeds which accounts for 20-25% of productivity. It is, therefore imperative that quality seeds of appropriate characteristics are made available to farmers. There has been continuous development in seed quality in last four decades particularly emergence of good hybrids and Bt. Cotton.

  • Higher yield and effective control of worms and other diseases.
  • Reduction in the application of chemical insecticides.
  • Higher profit to farmers.
  • Conservation of biological control agents and other beneficial organisms.

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