Liquid Bio-Fertilizer - LBF

Bio-fertilizers are ready to use, live formulations of beneficial micro-organisms which are agriculturally useful in terms of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization and nutrient mobilization by their biological metabolism to increase the productivity of soil and/or crop on application to seed, root or soil treatment for mobilizing the availability of nutrients.

Liquid Bio-fertilizer products

Phosphate Solubilizing Bio fertilizer (PSB) produce organic acids which help in dissolving soil phosphorus as well as applied phosphatic fertilizer in soil and make easy uptake by crop plants. In addition PSB also produce growth regulators which are beneficial to crop growth and strength. PSB can solubilize native soil phosphorus to the extent of two bags of SSP in case of high/medium phosphorus soils. The response further increases when organic contents of soil are improved through application of compost.


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