Environmental Protection and Preservation

KRIBHCO recognizes its ethical responsibility to protect environment and is committed to regulate all its activities using best available technology to mitigate adverse environmental impact, if any that may arise out of its operations. KRIBHCO is a “Zero effluent discharge organization”, effluent generated is treated and used in farms.

Our actions aim at continually improving the efficiency of our operations and to remain always compliant with the conditions of our environmental consents and other requirements issued by statutory bodies. At KRIBHCO the in house environment norms are even more stringent as compared to statutory norms of Government. Society has implemented Integrated Management System certified as per international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 to ensure continual improvement of the organization on all fronts of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety

Care for Environment is an Integral Part of Conducting Business in KRIBHCO. During Urea Manufacturing Operations and related activities at Hazira, the Top Management of KRIBHCO is Committed to:

  • Complying with Applicable Laws, Regulations and Other requirements it prescribes to
  • Continually Improve its Environmental Performance
  • Select / Preferred Options Leading to Prevention of Pollution
  • Conserve Natural Resources
  • Create Green Environment
  • KRIBHCO Hazira Plant maintains an Environmental Management System, Confirming to ISO 14001. To implement this policy, while allocating resources, Environmental Management always receives priority

KRIBHCO is deeply committed to environmental protection, thus fulfilling compliance obligations and achieving environmental objectives. Society has implemented ISO 45001, Environmental Management System to ensure continual and systemic improvement. Internal & External Audits are conducted periodically for checking efficacy of the system.

Society is putting all out efforts to protect and conserve the natural resources so that healthy environment is created to safeguard the present and future generation. The society has taken various steps to achieve its goal and some of the measures taken are as follows:

The philosophy of “Reduce, Re-use & Re-cycle” has been adopted for usage of the resources within and outside our organization wherever our employees are associated:

  • 1. Tertiary treated sewage water is being reused as cooling water make up. Part of Cooling Tower blow down water is being Reused for horticulture/ farming.
  • 2. Approximately 2000 m3/day of cooling tower blow down water is sent to M/s. Adani Hazira Port Pvt. Ltd., Surat for their industrial use and spraying on coal. Hence, our liquid effluent is being used by them as a resource thus conserving the natural resources.
  • 3. By persistent efforts KRIBHCO has been able to reduce its water consumption.

Society has achieved zero liquid effluent discharge from the final outlet of balancing pond since the year 2003.

To monitor the quality of liquid effluent and emission of pollutants in air, online continuous liquid effluent monitoring system and continuous emission monitoring systems have been installed. All the stacks and liquid effluent quality data are displayed continuously at factory main gate and also have been linked to CPCB/GPCB server.

A continuous online ambient air monitoring station has been installed in the plant premises for continuous monitoring of ambient air quality and the data are displayed continuously at factory main gate. Apart from this, ambient air quality is also being monitored fortnightly within a radius of 10 km from our complex for periodic monitoring of air quality in the surrounding area. Emission of pollutants to air from the various stacks is well below the limits specified by regulatory bodies.

To create awareness among contract workers, an audio-video module on Environment Protection has been developed which is shown to all the contract workers and thereafter, they are allowed to work in the plant premises.

Society has undertaken a forestation program and trees of different species are planted every year in order to improve the ambient air quality. Lush green lawns are developed in an area of 100 acres and a demonstration farm has been developed in an area of 41 acres.

To ensure clean and green environment, Society has created a green belt by planting trees of different species based on Air Pollution Tolerance Index thus helping to improve the ambient air quality within the complex.

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